Friday, August 6, 2010

Deerland ^^ Kuala Gandah

....Seronok sangat....

5 August 2010..semua budak biology sem 7..kecuali Mira sem 6, pergi Lancang, Pahang. Adeiyh..lame dah tak pergi lancang. Sejak aa tak sekolah kat SMK Datuk Bahaman, dah tak pergi pun Lancang. Terubat rindu nih...huhu ^^

Seawal 6.30 pagi bertolak dari Tanjung Malim. Sampai kat Deerland lebih kurang pukul 10..terus callZira(kawan lama, mat rempit dia nih..hehe)..Zira pun datang Deerland nak jumpe Aa...alolo..rindu beb..lame tak tu..pergi Kuala Gandah..tengok Gajah!..Besarrr nye gajah...hehe

Deerland Park is a privately owned and managed deer park in Lanchang, Pahang. The park has some 30 Indonesian deer (Cervus timorensis). Owner die cakap la...

Visitors to the park has a chance to hand feed these gentle creatures and observe their behaviour at close hand. Betull tak sangat taw. We can see
a sun-bear (Helarctos malayanus) named Muda. There is also a section dedicated to the cultivation of traditional herbal plants, which has over 40 species of traditional herbs. Amazing right!

Just a few minutes further down the road, you will also find the
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and an orang asli settlement that would make interesting stopovers. But, some buildings there is still in that the panorama not quite good..dusty everywhere before we enter the Kuala Gandah the way..we all really have fun there!

Please do not think that Deerland just a deer park but it actually had all kinds of animals inside and was really interesting..

Papepun..jom tengok gambar!

Usik-usik gajah..hehe..kasar kulit die..

nyet nyet..tunggang gajah dengan fara

celah pokok pun nak bergambar::

Ni la Zira...miss u daliing!

Apasal gambar aku ngan fareha ni macam nie..hehe

aku kot org yang paling bising time tu..jerit...takut nk pegang ular...hehe

Ni lah MUDA...sun bear( beruang matahari)..tengok kat dada dia..ada bentuk macam bulan kan..unik!

tengok Rusa bertanduk nie..baru lepas mandi lumpur..kononya macho la lepas mandi lumpur..kata Encik Abdullah tu...

Dikelilingi Rusa..!..rase macam tarzan dah..hehe

Rusa ni tak gigit pun..tapi kami semua takut dengan die..haha..bergambar pun jauh2,.

sempat lagi bergambar dengan dr. Syakirah dan Pn Ira..

Welcome to Deerland..:)

Beposing di Genting Sempah..

Cantik kan baju ungu kami..hehe

Breakfast dengan Fara..nyum nyum


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